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Why wooden cards?

     Few people can resist touching a beautiful piece of timber and when you consider the history of mankind, this is hardly surprising. Since the very earliest times, trees and forests have provided shelter, sanctuary, heat from wood, as well as all sorts of both luxury and everyday items that can be fashioned from this most versatile, natural product. It is this that creates within us a natural affinity with this material.

     In an increasingly competitive and fast paced commercial world, first impressions are of even more importance than ever before Business cards made of wood create not only a memorable first impression, but also convey those feeling of solidity and reliability to your business contacts.

     These business cards, each with a unique grain emphasising the natural beauty of the product, become talking points with recipients often showing them to other colleagues and aquaintances. 

     These cards are no thicker than high quality cards printed on traditional paper card, and as such, are as convenient to carry. All the different types of wood from which you can choose, are sourced from sustainable forests from around the world.